Our Story: 

Our story begins with our Parent company Pink Sparklez Jewelry, founded in 2010.  I originally created Pink Sparklez as a resource for super fun and affordable high fashion jewelry, targeted almost exclusively to the Mary Kay Community, which I had been a part of since early 2000.  In one of my searches for new unique jewelry options to offer my clients, I stumbled upon a fun NEW style of interchangeable SNAP jewelry that was being sold in just a few high end boutiques around the country.  At that time SNAP Style Jewelry was not readily available in most areas and most people had never seen or heard of it.  I was so excited by the possibilities with this type of jewelry that I decided to search out a manufacturer/supplier and create my own line of SNAP Boutique Style Jewelry and most importantly, offer it at a price that anyone can afford!!!  AND In March 2016 WHATSNAPPENIN Jewelry and Accessories was born! Its been over 2 years now and we have had an overwhelming positive response to our line. Everyone who orders with us falls in love with their jewelry and we hear back from almost every customer with very positive feedback and lots of reorders for additional pieces to add to their growing collections.  We also have had so many customers inquire about if we were a Direct Sales company and if they would be able to sell this line of jewelry as well.  Seeing so many other people get just as excited as we are about this jewelry line, inspired us to move forward and we have spent the last 6 months putting together a Direct Sales division of our company.  We are now currently accepting applications for our Founding Member Stylists.  If this is something you may be interested in please send us an email requesting more info at: Annette.martin@whatsnappenin.com   
Please check back often as we will be updating our site and adding new products a few times a week.